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One. Drake Join Request [DECLINED] Empty One. Drake Join Request [DECLINED]

on Mon Jun 11, 2018 1:14 pm
What's your Real Name, Age and Country : My real name is Patrick, I'm 15 years old and I live in Arad, Romania.

Tell us about yourself (MTA Career, Real life, Languages you know or something Special you have to tell us): I started playing FFS in 2013, and I saw DD. When I first time tried it, it was extraordinary, and it still is. I speak in generally Romanian, ocasionally English and a bit of German. I love to ride bicycles in extreme conditions, mountain climb and skiing.
I had exceptional mentors in this game like JoinT and Nevez that made me know a lot more tactics about DD.

What kind of player are you (Shooter / DD), rate yourself (1/10) and explain why. : I am a DD player and I consider me somewhere at 8/10, I play most of CW maps, less GTA-PRO.

Have you been in any otherclans? If yes name them: Yes, I've been in someother clans like: [gS]-g0ld StaR
                                                                                                                                                                 -nL//-No Limit
                                                                                                                                                                 [AP]- Air-Play (old)
                                                                                                                                                                 [UC]- Ultras Cavaliers
                                                                                                                                                                 [vR]- Vigour Gaming (closed)
Why do you want to join us? : I want to join in this clan, because I have some friends in it + I see the players to be mature, skilled when I got to do 1v1 against them, these are the best reasons I could give, to join.

Why do you think you deserve a chance to join in?: Because I can integrate with the members, I am a serious man, mature and I hope skilled. Smile)
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One. Drake Join Request [DECLINED] Empty Re: One. Drake Join Request [DECLINED]

on Sat Jun 16, 2018 4:56 pm
Hello Drake,

First of all, we appreciate you for writing this Join Request!
We are sorry, but we decided to DECLINE your join request to One.
Feel free to post another Join Request in the next 2 weeks.
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