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Raw^'s Join Request [DECLINED] Empty Raw^'s Join Request [DECLINED]

on Mon May 28, 2018 9:22 pm
What's your Real Name, Age and Country:My name is Cristi , i have  14 years and i stay in Romanian
Tell us about yourself (MTA Career, Real life, Languages you know or something Special you have to tell us):
Well, I'm a normal person like any other, but I could say I'm a person who respects the decisions of my friends / leader / co-leader. Sometimes I do not have the sense of humor and I do not understand others. I know to speak Romanian and English rarely French. I have nothing special about which I can talk to you
What kind of player are you (Shooter / DD), rate yourself (1/10) and explain why. :I am a Derby Disctruction player, if the masses evaluate, says 7/10 because I only play for 1 year
Have you been in any otherclans? If yes name them:Yes, I was in another
clan on former account: in Primitive Riders (Virtual Power)
Why do you want to join us? :Because I want to help the clan as I can and that will help me be more active
Why do you think you deserve a chance to join in:Because death does not work
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Raw^'s Join Request [DECLINED] Empty Re: Raw^'s Join Request [DECLINED]

on Thu May 31, 2018 4:04 pm
Hello Raw,

First of all, we appreciate you for writing this Join Request! You are a good person, great behavior and a friendly guy, but your DD Skills are not enough for our team.
We are sorry, but we decided to DECLINE your join request to One.
Feel free to post another Join Request when your skills will get improved, thanks in advance.
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